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Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger


Safe Passage

Feature Documentary Treatment

Chateau Quoi

What do California cougars, white-tailed deer in Ohio, Zambian snakes, French mountain toads and coral reef fish in Southeast Asia have in common?

First, they are each critical species, necessary to maintain biodiversity in their native habitats.  Second, each are faced with being wiped out of their various traditional habitats around the world – but are surviving against the odds due to the efforts of local people who, with limited resources, have managed to turn things around for these animals that they care about.  In different ways, big and small, individuals around the world have found ways to reduce the threats to these animals and restore them to their natural communities.


This documentary, crafted with footage and interviews collected from far corners of the world, not only explores the animals (their behaviors, unique characteristics, and the threats they face that imperil their survival), but also how the love and respect of people who lived in the vicinity of these human/wildlife crises (or conflicts) helped create innovative and cost-effective solutions. Many of their ideas that are possibly adaptable for other species who find themselves in the crosshairs of human/wildlife conflicts, but with whom humanity would benefit from a continued co-existence. 

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